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Finding Philippines Friends

Filipino Friends

Ok so you are looking for some friends in the Philippines. You have to try Friendly Filipino Friend Finder Website. There are many different types of websites you can try to find friends but you want to use a social network to find your friends. Many people try to use other types of websites but they are not tailored around specifically finding friendship. Friendly is a Philippines social network it is a Filipino community dedicated to helping Filipino people find friendship all over the world. See more [...]
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I told you yesterday that I would give you some ideas on where to go well first on my list is Bohol, Philippines. Here are just some of the attractions waiting for you.   See more [...]
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Welcome to my life

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world well at least on the internet that is. My name is Sybase and I am here to show you how you can find friends in the Philippines just like I have done over the years. I will give you a small little bit about myself first. I hope I have not lost you already but here goes. I am American but have been travelling to the beautiful Philippines for more years than I can remember. I lived a long career and have had a family in the past but as life goes on See more [...]
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